Sunshine Ink Co. was created by Angela and Madi Doell. We're a mom and daughter team, and we both have the same middle name - Sunshine. When we started talking about creating a shop, it was pretty easy to decide what we'd name it. :) We both love love love words - especially meaningful and beautiful ones. We're typography and lettering nerds... crazy for all things calligraphy, swoony over fresh ink and pretty paper. 

We'd love nothing more than to help you make your space feel like home - make it feel like you. Gorgeous words and colours can do just that! Our hope is that our little company will bring life, hope and grace to your walls. You are loved, and you have great value - and sometimes (we know!) you need to put up reminders so you don't forget it. Let us help with that. 

We give back. Generosity is really important to us. 10% from every purchase is given to Relate Community Care - a ministry that's making a beautiful mark in our community.

We live and work in Langley, BC, Canada. 

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I'm Madi and I like making things.

Newbie twenty year old who loves Jesus, pretty colours and crime shows. I adore my family, friends and pet cactus with all my heart.

Passionately curious and I like figuring out how the world works, and where I fit in it.

As long as I have a paint brush in my hand and Jesus in my heart I am a very happy girl. 


I'm Angela, a follower and lover of Jesus.

Married for twenty one years to my forever-love Rod. Mom to two of the most beautiful humans, Madi and Miller. (I'm fully biased and still it's fully true.)

Passionate homemaker -- in the house where my family of four lives and in the house where we gather with our church family. Church is who we are and what we do and my heart beats for Relate Church.

Bridge builder -- with deep respect for what's gone before. and eyes set on the future. A lover, a fighter, and an introvert with a few things to say.