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Dear all you gorgeous mothers, step-moms, grandmothers, aunts, and anyone in a mothering role: you are doing an amazing job. Even when you think that the day you just completed was the crappiest day you've had, you still did awesome.

In my own life, I have an amazing mom who is killer, and amazing grandmothers and awesome aunts. And furthermore, there are so many women in my life who play a mothering role for me as well. There is no shortage of motherly guides to lean on and to walk through life with. Every mom is an inspiration to me, so you go girl.

I felt compelled to rewrite Proverbs 31 from my perspective for my mom this Mother's Day, but I also am here to share it with you so you can share it with all of the women in your life who you think could use these words.

xx Mads

The Proverbs 31 Woman

A God-fearing woman is a difficult thing to find, but when you do find one, she is worth far more that even the most precious of jewels. 

Her husband trusts her with the whole world, and treasures her heavily.

She treats him well in return, never harshly. She loves on him her whole life long. 

She only uses the best materials for her craft, and enjoys being creative and using her hands. 

She can be compared to merchant ships which travel far, but always return home with treasures from their travels.

She is awake bright and early, selflessly making delicious things for her family.

She surveys a gorgeous plot, and purchases it which the money she's saved. With her own two hands she plants a garden there.

Her hands are eager to get to work in the morning, she is never idle but is always ready to go.

She knows that the work she does is priceless, and she cannot sleep while there is work to be done.

She is the best mother that she can be, she is a brilliant homemaker and craft-smith.

She does not hesitate to extend her helping hands; she is there to assist when she hears the call.

When winter winds blow in full blast, she doesn't break a sweat because she's prepared far in advance.

She uses her talents fashion clothes for herself. She dresses in bright colours shamelessly.

Her husband is a well-respected leader, and he is no stranger to the fathers of the country.

She sells the wonderful things that she's created. In great demand are her designs.

She dresses herself every morning in strength and virtue. She doesn't fret over what tomorrow could be, because she still is discovering today.

The words on her tongue are potent and weighty, but she speaks them with kindness and grace.

She watches closely over the members of her household, and keeps them busy with tasks and chores.

Her children do not feel shame for her, instead they praise her greatly without skipping a beat.

"There are women all over the world doing the unfathomable, but not even one can compare to you."

Charm and wit can trick you, and outer beauty can disappear overnight but a Godly woman deserves to be acknowledged.

Honour her and praise her for everything she's done in her life. Let her never be shamed for who she is.